Origin:  Baltimore Maryland


Genres:  Alternative Pop/Rock, Modern 80s


Years Active:  2017-present


Band Members:


Cyrus Keefer – Vocals/Music

Kayla Rae – Vocals

Chris Tolentino – Vocals/Music/Bass/Guitar/Synth

Formed in March 2017, former band mates Cyrus Keefer and Chris Tolentino began recording the debut album which would become Airwaves Spectacular. Bringing years of experience from other projects, bands and recording, Cyrus and Chris were able to create, record and produce 15 songs in under 6 months. Cyrus's thought provoking lyrics, combined with Chris's vast experience with recording and production proved to be an unstoppable combination. But something was missing from the final product. Chris realized that missing component was the angelic vocals of his niece Kayla Rae. With the addition of Kayla's voice the album became a true solid work of art. . In April 2018 the band released their much anticipated follow-up album entitled, "Light The Sea:".  Airwaves Spectacular has released their latest album 'Sinemadik' for 2019! Check out the reviews and see for yourself the unique and original style this band has to offer!


- VMS full review of Sinemadik 2019

In an era when most groups are yelling and screaming to get our attention, Airwaves Spectacular has put out an
album of wonderful music. Ultimately, what makes this album different is the quality of these tracks – both musically and vocally. Listen to“Sinemadik” while you commute, listen to it after dinner, listen to it under the moonlight, it somehow seems
perfect for any situation and will never fail to stir something inside of you.

- Sleeping Bag Studios review of Sinemadik 2019

Back already with a new record, Baltimore MD’s own Airwaves Spectacular have officially released their latest
offering early on in 2019 for us all – the Sinemadik experience is here! Really dig what this band comes up with…I
remember having great things to say about’em last time around with their music in reviewing the Light The Sea
(http://sleepingbagstudios.ca/airwaves-spectacular-light-the-sea/) album in 2018 & I’m stoked to hear what they’re
up to now…let’s push play!

- The Music Journal full review of Sinemadik 2019

Very rarely does one come across an album with tracks so listenable, so delectable, and so pleasing, that it simply occupies and becomes a part of the space that is your sound system. And they do it differently ten times over, because not one track
sounds like another on, “Sinemadik”.

- StereoStickman.com full review 2018

This album is full of freshness, freedom to consider and to simply be, freedom of artistry, passion, colour. Life Costs Much More is one of the more anthemic songs on the project and brings things to a close in a memorable and mighty manner. There’s a lot to love about this, a lot to explore, a lot to consider. The sound feels truly original right now, and the songwriting is totally unexpected yet brilliantly effective at every turn. This is exciting music that throws everything onto the table and does so with style and depth. You’ll recognise their music easily after listening to even just a couple of songs, though the album in its entirety is where the real experience lies.

- Sleeping Bag Studios full review 2018
If you’re looking for a diverse & versatile sound – Airwaves Spectacular might just be the solution your speakers are looking for.  You can absolutely hear the widespread range of influences in their music from the old-school to the present day, which becomes as asset & strength of this band as they shift, transform & adapt their own perspective in sound throughout the many twists & turns over the course of the ten tracks on their latest record, Light The Sea.​
Light The Sea is ultimately quite a different record from a lot of what’s happening out there in music right now…and because of the way that they approach it with such energy and blissfully infectious enthusiasm, I think this band stands a great chance of attracting a lot of attention & genuine support.  Bet on Airwaves Spectacular to blossom & evolve even further…something tells me they’re just getting warmed up.
- Tuned Loud full review 2018
Okay let’s get this out of the way quickly. The new album “Light The Sea”, by the Alternative Pop/Rock band from Baltimore, Airwaves Spectacular is another classic and unforgettable recording from start to finish. I love this band, from their previous material to their latest release. Cyrus Keefer and Chris Tolentino produce excellent music, while together with Kayla Rae, they have a set of well-suited voices which cover a whole lot of ground. Melodically and technically gifted, this trio can do no wrong. Their songs have a little bit of everything that’s endearing to the ear. The powerful builds, those trippy synths, the modern cutting edge production, the retro harmonies, the smooth grooves – all are mind-blowing. The tracks also have great chord progressions and strong song structure. Full of heart and harmonic urgency, “Light The Sea” shows a band that has become a stronger and even more cohesive unit than before.
- Tuned Loud full review 2017

The album’s opening track, “Code Blue”, is filled with delightful bass hooks and plays on the diversity of the rhythm along with sound effects. The overdriven guitars brings about the perfect attitude for stadium rock, the power of which sets the marker perfectly for the rest of the album.

Despite a varied and very diverse sound throughout the album, it appears that Airwaves Spectacular attempt to pinpoint a complex melodic, harmonic and anthemic mood. The power of their songs are outstanding with heavy drums and an electronic feel, supported by impressive vocals from front-man Cyrus Keefer and tasty harmonies which are reciprocated throughout the 15 track album.

Overall, Airwaves Spectacular have penned an unbelievably powerful debut with plenty of promise. The sheer depth and diversity of the music on tracks like “Gain Control”, “Dead Words on Deaf Ears”, “Fire Escapes”, “Airwaves Spectacular” and “Gigantic Leap” is breathtaking and perfectly suited to any type of prestigious venue they may soon be playing at.

- Broken 8 Records full review 2017

"You wont find much of a history behind Airwaves Spectacular, having only formed in March of this very year, but what you will find is passion, enthusiasm, and will to create. A trio of Cyrus Keefer, Kayla Rae, and Chris Tolentino, they formed Airwaves Spectacular in Baltimore after years spent in other projects.

An alternative pop and modern rock band at heart, they have already notched up comparisons to Muse, Evanescence, and the Human League while exploring their sound. Now they’ve put a bold step forward by releasing their debut, self-titled album, bringing their 80’s influenced sound to full fruition. A fifteen track release, the debut collection delivers the core components of Airwaves Spectacular’s sound, starting with spiralling electronic beats that move into more inspired rock sounds and a dazzling mix of spoken and sung vocals.

Opening with ‘Code Blue’, the album introduces the band as forward thinking and wonderfully innovative. Retro sounds clad in static breakaway to give ‘Heart Like Hot Lungs’ form, a droning piece that hints at a subtle vocal-driven melody that’s cut by anthemic, but staggering musical directions, while ‘Wait For It’ dives back into the electronic-tinged creation that the band seem to revel in."