Airwaves Spectacular is an original Alternative Pop/Rock band from

Baltimore MD. Being compared to a mix of Muse, Evanescence, and the Human League they have many influences and their sound is described as a blend of alternative to modern 80's. 

Band Members:


Cyrus Keefer Vocals/Music

Kayla RaeVocals

Chris TolentinoVocals/Music/Production


Matt ChaconasMusic for Reckless Vultures, Wait For It, and 

Rest Near Stone

Jim Bedorf Drums for Fire Escapes, Heart Like Hot Lungs,

Out In The Distant Black, and Call Waiting

Chris Langan - Drums for Felidae and A Place With No Doors as well as remixes for When Spiders Cornered and Undiscovered. 

Dexter KlinefelterArtwork for the 2017 CD release

Jon Michael Moses Photographer for the 2017 CD release

Zack RutherfordLogo design

Chris TolentinoMixing, Mastering, and Production



Email: AirwavesSpectacular@gmail.com

(c)opyright 2017

Self-Driven Productions


Band Members

Cyrus Keefer -vocalist and lyrics specialist for Airwaves Spectacular. Cyrus began his interest in singing at a very young age following the footsteps and guidance of his father who also loved to sing. It became evident of Cyrus's talent when he was with the band Novelty as they played many shows and released their CD titled, "Honesty's Soul Rescue" in 1998. As  with most good bands they fell victim to the eventual breakup and departure. But this would lead to Cyrus meeting Chris and forming the band Five Thousand Rooms in 1999. And although Five Thousand Rooms only recorded a 3 song demo CD, this project would bring a mutual admiration of respect for their talents. Now in 2017, Cyrus has teamed back up with Chris with renewed passion and desire to write and record new songs. Giving the vocal and lyrics foundation for that which is Airwaves Spectacular. 
Kayla Rae - vocalist for Airwaves Spectacular. Being the youngest member for the band, she was enlisted by her Uncle to contribute with her angelic voice. Having performed in the past with Chris, Kayla is no stranger to adding her dream-like vocals to the band. This experience proved to be an amazing addition in the 15 song debut CD as well as their follow up album "Light The Sea". Kayla continues to provide her radiant voice, helping to shape the epic sound of Airwaves Spectacular.
Chris Tolentino - backup vocalist, guitarist, bass player, and producer for Airwaves Spectacular. Chris started his music endeavors at the end of high school. Having picked up his first bass guitar in 1989, Chris would play for countless hours after school and never looked back. And although his music adventures would find him as a member for 6 different bands, it wasn't until his solo releases in the early 2000's, that Chris would find some success in the music business. His songs have been featured on compilation CD's with Iggy Pop, O.A.R., The Bloody Lovelies, etc. Now teaming back up with his former bandmate Cyrus, Chris lays the music foundation and works the production for Airwaves Spectacular. 




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